Chemical industry

You need a large-scale partner with products that easily connect and grow with your needs. But that is not all. You need solutions that help you predict the future, to proactively see problems that arise throughout your operations before they happen.

Infoportal is that partner. We understand your industry like no other. And our proven portfolio of oil and gas products, from field controls to advanced predictive monitoring, work together to deliver the performance you need to stay ahead. With our expertise and our solutions with activated Industrial Internet, oil and gas companies are transforming their business performance. They are getting smarter and pushing the boundaries in asset and operational optimization.

No unplanned downtime

The face of the oil companies workforce is changing dramatically. The tools necessary to provide support are also doing it. With demand for anytime and anywhere access to information, especially on tablets and smartphones, mobile solutions for the workforce are not a luxury but a critical necessity.

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Automotive industry

Accelerate your competitiveness. Our solution gives you manufacturing intelligence, execution, awareness, and discrete automation control throughout your plant and business to help you win.

Food and Bev

The manufacturing of food, beverages and consumer goods operates in complex and interconnected environments. There are the constant pressures on cost, quality and efficiency; Not to mention the health and safety of consumers. On top of that, global commodity markets can be volatile and manufactured goods usually have small margins and high variability in demand. The key to success is reducing overall costs and maximizing productivity while maintaining product quality.

Overall cost reduction, product quality increase

Our intelligent approach to the ever-changing challenges in the industry equips manufacturers to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

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Mining and metals

Process variability and unexpected equipment failures can be hampering the optimization of production, recovery, and asset availability. You need the right information at the right time to find problems early and maximize your mining operations.

How do you maintain an increase in profits throughout the cycle?

In the downstream part of the cycle, profits go down while costs continue to go up. The oversupply of certain commodities leads prices to drop even further. Shareholders who see diminished returns create more pressure. A volatile state of business is the only constant.

To achieve economies of scale, mining has gotten even bigger. Now your people and machines face even bigger challenges. Equipment failures. The costs increase. Margins are reduced. The inefficiencies remain. It’s time to get the most out of your trades. It’s time to optimize your performance in a new way.

“Getting more out of your assets is the new priority.”


Improve your reliability, availability and efficiency with our predictive analytics and data management software, built to help you optimize asset performance management.

Overcoming challenges and improving operations starts with understanding your data. You need to capture, store, contextualize and visualize information in real time and make it available to the right people at the right time to enable the right decisions to be made.

Optimize the health of your team

Early notification of two major air heater problems allowed for preventative maintenance and twice prevented the total outage of the 191 MW unit. A problem with a pump-fed boiler snag was identified early which resulted in its replacement.

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